What Makes A Brand Unique?

A brand is something that sets apart a company or an organization from others. It is that recognizable feeling invoked in the minds of customers rather than being a name, symbol, design or a term.

What makes a Brand Unique
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Making a brand unique involves a lot of thought process and needs a unique selling proposition to stand out from the crowd. However, defining the uniqueness and USP of the brand is not as simple as declaring, “Our product is blue and others are pink”. There has to be something more meaningful that should be derived from the sweet spot between what the customer needs and what you do.

So, how can we find about our brand’s USP. Here are some ways that will help you in this process.

  1. Market research
Market Research
Market Research
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In order to build a perfect brand, you have to cover all angles starting from the nature of your product and the requirements associated with it. Conducting a market analysis will help you in understanding the competitive landscape, thus helping you in forming an effective brand strategy. After reviewing the competition and identifying the key market trends, conduct a SWOT analysis to better shape your brand according to market needs. Remember, you cannot please everyone. Have a target audience in mind from the start to ensure that your message remains targeted, specific and relevant. This will help you in building a specific communications strategy to reach them effectively.

2. Do not play the imitation game

Everyone has to start somewhere. Rather than imitating another brand, create a unique persona for your product. This will help in setting your product apart from your competitors. Following other brand’s footsteps can make your brand get lost between the sea of other forgettable brands available in the market.

3. Discover the purpose behind your brand

This Golden circle was developed by the Leadership expert Simon Sinek to identify the purpose behind anything, be it business or life. There are three parts of this circle- What, how and Why.

The Golden Circle Theory Image
The Golden Circle Theory Image
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What helps you in deciding about the product you want to offer to your customers. How will help you in understanding the things that will help you in setting your product part from your competition. Why helps you in understanding the reason of your existence and why you are passionate about what you do.

4. Understand your Brand Buyer Persona

Brand Buyer Persona- beryl India
Brand Buyer Persona- beryl India

The uniqueness of any brand truly lies on understanding the persona of the buyers of your product. There are a few things that need to be documented when describing who your ideal customer is. These are: Income, education level, age, location and gender. However, to get even more specific, understand the following details:

  • Influencers

This assessment will benefit you in all areas of brand building, specially the marketing efforts. After all, you want the right person to view your brand and purchase the same.

5. Craft a Clear Brand Mission statement

brand mission statement
brand mission statement
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Establish a clear expression of what you company is most passionate about and make it into your brand mission statement. Remember this is your why, the reason your company exists. The mission statement defines the purpose of the existence of your brand. It is reflected in every aspect of the brand- the tagline, the message, the personality and the voice of the brand. However, before crafting the mission, do understand that you have really understood who your exact consumer is. When branding, start small and first focus on your niche audience.

6. Integrate your brand in every aspect

The brand building is a process that never stops. It has to be reflected in everything- both tangible and intangible. Even you store and business office should reflect the same through the environment and the personal interactions. Use your brand style to create a consistent image on all digital platforms. After all, your website is one of the most important tools of your brand in today’s interconnected world. Incorporate your persona, voice, message and personality in the content of the site.

Remember, a good brand is the one that attracts the right customers. Do not just define what makes your brand unique and leave it at that. Sprinkle it throughout your business. Not only will you form better connections through the same, you will have your own set of loyal customers flocking for your product.

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